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When asked for a quote there a few questions I need to ask to get a idea of what you are looking for. In this article I discuss the options starting from cheapest to most expensive. You may get overwhelmed by this article but if you choose to hire me then I can help you pick the right option depending your requirements and budget. But being aware of the different options is important.

Firstly, why choose WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) this means that once your site is setup you will be able to manage pages, blog posts and other content from a graphical interface. WordPress is an incredibly popular platform powering around 1/4 of the web.

If you not looking for WordPress

I have created many sites without using WordPress I have three HTML only templates available for sale on Themeforest and have created many PHP powered websites including ecommerce. But the following is geared towards WordPress as it’s the most popular option.

1. DIY

If you’re technically minded and don’t have any problem reading and watching tutorials then the first option is to select a WordPress theme and set it up yourself. Your hosting costs will be around £10 per month and you’ll need to be able to setup and manage a WordPress website. If you pay a little more for hosting though (£50 per month) you can select a hosting company like WP Engine or flywheel where the WordPress install is setup with a click of a button.

People worry with this option is that their site will look like all the others but actually it usually doesn’t look too much alike when the text, images and layout is modified. Infact sometimes I’ve been contacted for support and had to look really hard to ascertain if it was actually my theme they were using.

But you do need to know what you are doing for this option or be willing to learn. Sometimes customers go down this route and contact theme support with basic WordPress questions but theme support is only for theme related questions. We do create video tutorials, blog posts and knowledgebase to help out those newer to WordPress.

2. Semi DIY

The next option is a semi diy route. Really there are countless semi diy routes as you can employ an expert any step of the way. If you’re not comfortable installing WordPress, your theme, plugins & demo content you can employ an expert to setup all this for you. You would still need to be able to customize the theme by adding your own content.  I’ve had plenty of customers completely new to WordPress successfully customize their theme but they were willing to read, watch and learn along the way.

3. Customising a stock theme

If you have found a theme you like but you need some extra features and can’t find a plugin that meets your requirements then you can employ an expert to do this for you. The costs of this is too variable to estimate but this route is much cheaper than creating a theme from scratch.

4. Complete setup from a stock theme

If you would like an expert to get you to a point of having a running website from a stock theme, with your pages created and your content adding then this is another cost effective way of doing things. If you are not a web designer then this can be a good option as sometimes when users go down the DIY route the end result can look unprofessional. I have a few times helped users with the finishing touches after they have set up their site and added content; basically just polishing their creation to give it a more professional look.

5. Convert an existing design to WordPress

I am a designer and have had my designs showcased in galleries around the web but if you are looking to have an existing design converted to WordPress be that a PSD or existing site in another CMS/handcoded then I can do this for you.

6. Bespoke WordPress Site

I can take care of the entire process for you from start to a finished WordPress site including the design. This is obviously the most expensive solution and the most variable on cost. It’s not something I can provide a quick quote, but if you are interested in hiring me for a project like this contact me to start a discussion.

Important note on membership & Ecommerce sites

Ecommerce and membership sites are much more complex than a basic informational or blog basic website. And as such are more costly and complex to run and manage. A developer will usually charge a higher rate for such sites as they require a higher level of expertise and they are also in less supply.

If you select a pre-existing ecommerce theme based on woocommerce, digital downloads etc and are happy to add your products, etc your self then this won’t affect the prices above offered above.

I have experience working with Woocommerce and digital downloads. My WordPress theme Horizon has Woocommerce built in.

How much will it cost?

The time it takes to develop a WordPress website is greatly variable upon features.  To give you an accurate cost I would need to discuss your project in detail and come up with a brief. I can then estimate the number of hours it will take to complete the work. My rate is £60 per hour and a the majority of websites take 30-100 hours to develop.  An Ecommerce website will generally take a minimum of 40-50 hours. With that in mind you’ll need to budget a minimum of £2000 for design and development and a minimum of £3000 for ecommerce. You would also need to budget for maintenance costs and hosting.