Did you know that 40% of customers abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? If your site is more than just a hobby there are certain things that may be wrong with your website that will ruin your chances of success. Site loading time is one of them.

Many people are building their sites themselves using WordPress Themes or turning to inexperienced companies that will build it for rock bottom prices. But most theme users don’t realise that websites need to be optimised for performance.  I have seen too many users websites that take 5 or more seconds to load. I’ve been on sites that take more than 30 seconds to load, even some that have taken a few minutes! For any business this is a disaster!

Most businesses will be investing substantial amount of money into advertising. With a high site load time that’s huge amounts of money down the drain.

I’m a successful theme author and I can help you optimise your site for speed. Start out with a quick site review to see if you site needs rescuing.

Speed Check (free)

Once you have contacted me using the form below with your web address I will check your site and see if my services are going to benefit you. If I determine your site needs my services I will offer for you to proceed to a more detailed review of your site speed.

Indepth Speed Review ($60)

You’ll receive an in depth report covering all technical factors that influence site speed. This will include what areas are ok and what areas need improvement.

Site Speed Optimisation (price determined by review)

Should you need help fixing any issues raised you can choose to hire me to carry out the optimisation improvements for you.

To get your free speed check contact me below