Support Policy

We are not offering one on one help for users. But we still want to hear about any issues you are having as it’s important to us that you have a excellent experience with our themes.


Our aim is for our documentation and video guides to contain everything you need. In our opinion this is better, because it’s instant help rather then waiting 2-3 days for a response like you do with must themes! This is slows you down. But if you have instant help, you can get on with building your site. So what we are doing is spending the time with would giving one on one help to make you better docs. We’ve got the biggest knowledgebase we’ve seen for themes. From how to debug, to using a CDN ( from the blog ).

Think something is missing or needs fleshing out, let us know. We love to get ideas on how to improve our knowledgebase.

Sandbox testing​

All issues reported are tested on the latest version of WordPress with the latest version of the theme and relevant plugins. This is without any 3rd party plugins. Any needed fixes are offered via theme and plugin updates so it’s important that you follow the update guide.

We need the issue to present in this environment in order to fix it. The reason is that almost all issues users face are due to poorly coded 3rd party plugins and plugin conflicts.

Due to the enormous quantity of plugins our there, not only in the WordPress repository but also offered independently across the web, it’s impossible to predict how our themes will interact with all of these. If you do find a conflict issue, do let us know, but I’m afraid we cannot promise a fix.

The main reason we find for issues are:

1. Neither the theme or included plugins have been updated

2. The database has because corrupted or a plugin as messed up the users database

3. A third party plugin is broken – this can break parts of the theme so the user thinks it’s the theme when it’s actually the plugin

4. A plugin conflict

So if your having a issue please check that the issue is really with the theme and not another aspect of your environment.

Giving feedback

If you would like to inform us of an issue please fill out the following form

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Enviroment Issues

The vast majoroty if issues that are reported are not to do with the theme but the enviroment. It may appear on the surface to be a problem with the theme, but most of the time it is not. This is because I take the stability of the theme seriously and do in fact run them myself, for my own websites and for clients. I’m compiling reference list of such issues to help you quickly find a resolution to them.

Troubleshooting Reference

Check yourself

If you would like to check yourself to see if the issue is just in your environment or whether the issue is with the theme, then check out our online demos for the theme. Horizon and Skyline now have a testdrive section were you can check the admin side.

Theme customization & Premium support

If you encounter a WordPress (not theme related) issue that is beyond your technical ability or troubleshoot or implement we can quote an hourly or fixed task/project price.

We can take on a limited number of customization requests again charged hourly or fixed price.