Professional level WordPress management

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Almost every client and customer of mine is missing a vital component of correct WordPress site management which is putting their site at risk of downtime or worse complete loss of their entire site. Permanently.

I’ve had clients who have come to me because:


  • they have lost their entire website and need me to build a new one as quick as possible



  • they have been hacked



  • suffered significant downtime due to breaking their site


We are talking about loss of some serious time and money here. And anyone who handles customer data is in danger of losing their clients data. How much do you think a court case would cost you?

According to Forbes, something like 30,000 site are hacked a day. Following my checklist will significantly reduce your risk of being one of them, will keep potential site downtime to a minimum and remove the risk of you losing everything.

These things aren’t really expensive or even time consuming and could end up saving your a huge amount of money.

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