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How to Deploy a CDN on Your Zorbix Theme (and why you should)

Site load time is an issue for every business online. Neil Patel wrote about site speed and advises a load time of less than two seconds.

Why so fast?

Because Google uses it as a rankings factor.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have produced this intensive support article solely for site speed.

Your goal is to get your site loading as fast as possible. It’s not all on Zack here because he’s developed your theme. Once you install it on your WordPress site, you can add a ton of stuff, all of which will contribute to slowing your site down.

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5 top reasons your wordpress website is slow

In this article I cover the biggest reasons why your WordPress website is slow. Take WordPress speed seriously and don’t underestimate the impact of a slow site on your business.

The longer a site takes to load the more users have jumped ship. These are potential customers or regular users! Also Google uses loading time as a ranking metric which is another huge reason to get your load time as good as possible.

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